Project description

In the year 2007 with the launch of the Life-long Learning Programme (LLP) the European Commission started a new activity under the Erasmus programme: Erasmus staff trainings.

Erasmus staff mobility for staff training offers an opportunity to participate in different forms of training abroad, such as job shadowing (staff members from a HEI go to another HEI to work there for a certain period) or attending job-related conferences and workshops.

Despite its success, at the present moment a coordinated source of information on the opportunities available for staff training still does not exist, and too often potential participants are faced with the difficulty of finding information, and HEIs with promoting their activities or finding the appropriate person for job-shadowing.

The idea of the project is to create an online platform (website) where HEIs can promote their staff trainings and where HEIs' staff can easily find the opportunity they are looking for.

This platform will help:

- HEIs organising staff trainings to promote their events;

- HEIs organising job shadowing to look for appropriate people;

- HEIs staff to find the appropriate training or job shadowing they are looking for in an easy way;

- HEIs to get feedback from the participants at their events.

The above mentioned objectives will help to:

- Achieve a better promotion of Erasmus training;

- Increase the overall quality of Erasmus training.

Ideally the newly built platform would be integrated on the website of the European Commission, as this will make it more official, easy reachable and recognisable. Therefore the Commission was already contacted in order to make this integration possible, and the technical aspects will be taken care during the development of the project.

The consortium is convinced that the project can have a great impact, as there are more than 4.000 HEIs in Europe that have an Erasmus Charter and therefore the possibility of participating in Erasmus staff trainings.